About Us

Kot Kailash Ventures is a collection of Intimate Experiential Retreats hidden in breathtaking locations across India & beyond. Each of our retreats is chosen and restored to take you to an era of laid back holidays filled with beautiful experiences. Where old world charm and simplicity of holidays meets new world needs, love and romance both in our design language and exceptional guest service. We take pride in the hidden yet accessible neighbourhoods in which our retreats are located – the local communities are the soul of our retreats.

Our Logo

The Red Rhododendron flower.

Our retreat in Kumaon is blessed to have been surrounded by the beautiful Rhododendron trees. Rhododendrons or the Buransh flower has a variety of benefits that lead to a healthy wellbeing and this is exactly what we truly believe in; wellbeing, happy and positive vibes and an experience filled with incredible moments.

Kot Kailash Story

A leisurely walk from Vriddh Jageshwar, the Kot Kailash Retreat Kumaon is like an oasis in the desert. We took on the challenge ourselves to restore a 100+ year old Traditional Kumaoni house using sustainable materials, to give our esteemed guests a quintessential Kumaoni home experience. Complimented by our gourmet experience of our in house Chef, our food is made with fresh ingredients, plated like a dream and served to perfection. Our retreat concierge is influential in making sure even the last minute railway tickets can be managed easily. Our housekeeping ensures fluffy towels, bathroom toiletries and a daily turndown service to ensure our well deserved guests experience the best of Incredible India. Quite simply, we truly believe that a high quality and high value holiday experience can be achieved at an accessible tariff.

The team at Kot Kailash Retreat is led by a group of carefully chosen hospitality talent that has experience in the best hospitality names in India, recognised globally. It is our earnest endeavour that you’re looked after by the best, from the time you initiate your first booking request till your departure & beyond from our retreat – after all, we are confident you will return for more!

We look forward to welcoming you to Kot Kailash Retreat Kumaon, our little wonder – made for you, with love.

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