Your opportunity to reboot from life’s daily stressors, its these Kumaon Hills that offer you rare solitude, solace and awe-inspiring views of the mighty Himalayas. Staying at Kot Kailash Kumaon, you will enter a whole new dimension of rest and relaxation and get to do your favourite things whether it’s trekking, nature photography, walks, bird watching, stargazing or a village tour. Immerse yourself fully in our experiences and be amazed.

Yoga: Our inhouse yoga teacher takes a session to help you get your postures correct and will provide you with several mindful tips for staying happy and healthy. 

Culinary class: Authentic food comes from a sincere heart and peaceful ambiance. Join our Cooking Classes that let you discover the spice and learn how to cook delicious Kumaoni food.

The Most Satisfying Jageshwar Temple Experience

Half Day Excursions | 4-5 Hours | Guided | Onward on foot, return by car | ₹1000/guest

A walk via the magical cedar grove descending through a beautiful oak and rhododendron forest. The lush greenery is a feast for the senses, with the soothing sounds of rustling leaves, continuous chirping of birds, and the continuous bark sound of a barking deer. The forest is alive with life, with small animals darting in and out of the underbrush.

As the walk continues down the winding trail, you will soon find yourself at the sacred temple complex of Jageshwar. The Jageshwar Dham temple complex has 121 temples. It is an ancient and highly venerated shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the trinity of principal deities in Hinduism.

One mesmerizing trek to Bimalkot Temple

4 – 6 Hours | On Foot, return by car | Guided | ₹750/guest

Embarking on a journey to a beautiful temple situated atop a hill is an adventure in itself. Atop the hill, the temple of Bimal Kot devoted to goddess Durga stands in all her glory; you get rewarded with panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas, makes it worth your effort. As you set out on the walk, the road is adorned with patches of colourful flowers, blooming against the rugged terrain, and a chorus of chirping birds in the background accompanies the journey.

The path’s natural beauty is further enhanced by the rugged rocks that dot the road, creating a mosaic of textures and colours.

An unforgettable walk to Basu Udiyar

Short Excursions | 2 hours | On Foot | Guided | ₹ 250/guest

Walk down through the oak and Rhododendron forest, nestled in the midst of of a lush, verdant grass field lies a small cave popularly known as Basu Udiyar.

The setting: This natural haven exudes a sense of ancient wisdom and spiritual reverence. Inside, the cave is dimly lit, with the only source of light being the faint rays of sunlight. It is said that the sage (Sitaram Baba) called this cave home, spent his days in quiet contemplation and meditation, communing with nature and seeking enlightenment.

The grass fields are sprawling, picturesque expanse, truly an unforgettable experience.

Food Trails: Our countryside food trail is created to highlight Kumaons farm-to-table experiences and collaborations of local villagers and farmers alike; for you to experience a simpler life of the bygone era. 

Village Walks: Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and wander the forests of Vridh Jageshwar with the host and you will meet our Pandit Ji; astrologer of our region and enjoy a picnic in the jungle. 

Experience Jata Ganga Waterfall

Short Excursions | 2 hours| On Foot | Guided | ₹ 250/guest

As you make the descent down the winding path that leads towards a breath-taking waterfall, with it’s ethereal beauty and spiritual significance, which is known as Jata Ganga. The waterfall, with it’s water cascading down from the roots of towering tree, one gets filled with a sense of awe and reverence.

Take our word, on your way back up the trail, the memory of the waterfall and it’s connection to Lord Shiva’s dreadlocks stays back, a powerful reminder of the spiritual significance that can be found in even the most natural of wonders.

Please note: The character of the waterfall varies as per season.

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